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The "Whole Story"

We are not doing this alone

The "Whole Story" comes from US wanting YOU to know the impact you are creating. We want you to know WHO wove your hammock, the FAMILY you're helping build a home for, and the SUCCESS stories of each family once the home is built. 
With WholeStory hammocks you are receiving a world class hammock, while creating a story for yourself, our artisans and the family you are supporting. Traditionally, when buying a product, the story ends once the purchase is complete. With WholeStory, your purchase is the beginning of the impact we create. 

Our Partners

The 4 Walls Project 

Our nonprofit partner, The 4 Walls Project makes our impact possible. When 100 hammocks are sold, they are the ones who come into action and build the home. 4 Walls prides themselves of "doing a lot with a little" and they have the résumé to prove it. The 4 Walls Project has been in existence for 8 years. With the extreme hard work of the committee and the people of El Sauce, Nicaragua, the 4 Walls project has built 100 homes for families throughout El Sauce. The 4 Walls Project has helped transform an the entire community. We are honored to be apart of their mission of building better lives and a more caring world. 

Our Artisans 

The Suazo family has been handcrafting hammocks for over 80 years. The talents, skill, and passion can be seen in every individual hammocks.  

Oscar Suazo (above) has been crafting handmade hammocks his entire life
Beauty takes time

One of our hammocks takes 12 hours for 3 artisans to create. Each hammock is double handwoven by each hammock maker. This provides double the comfort and durability over the traditional cotton hammock. The Suazos use cotton to create our hammocks. Cotton creates the best experience for the user due to the soft feel and beautiful colors. By purchasing a hammock you are helping employee 22 artisans in Masaya, Nicaragua.