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Are you a LOHAS consumer? | The WholeStory Blog


LOHAS is a new group of consumers who follow a "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainable" (hence where the LOHAS acronym comes from). This new group of consumers consumes in an educated, informed and aware manner, especially when it comes to health and fitness, and social and environmental issues. LOHAS consumers are very mobile and open minded to trying new things and products. I like to think of them as consumers of experiences.  When searching for new experiences, these individuals are looking for ethical opportunities to explore new cultures and regions. Open-mindedness is a huge characteristic for this group.  In an...

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A Better World in 15 Years | The WholeStory Blog

"End poverty in all its forms everywhere." The United Nations has recently released there Global Goals that the world needs to tackle in the coming 15 years. There are 17 Global Goals that will achieve 3 extraordinary feats in the next 15 years: End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change. For these goals to succeed, EVERYONE needs to know about them. Educate yourselves in order to educate others. This is our planet to take care of. It has taken care of us, so let's return the favor.  The first set of Global Goals was created in 2000...

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The Wonderful Story of the 4 Walls Project | The WholeStory Blog

Awareness Success Stories

  Below is the story of how our incredible non-profit partner, the 4 Walls Project, came to be. Thanks to Meghan Haslam's awesome efforts as a Peace Corp member in 2006, Nicaraguan families living in poverty now have someone to look to for help. Together we will alleviate poverty for those who need the aid. Here's Meghan's story: Why I was inspired My name is Meghan Haslam. I came to El Sauce, Nicaragua in November of 2006 as an Environmental Education Peace Corps Volunteer. The inspiration for the 4 Walls Project stems from an encounter with a young man named...

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Daily Destination: Why you Should Visit Colorado | The WholeStory Blog

Daily Destination Health Travel

Two weeks ago WholeStory's COO traveled to Winter Park, Colorado to test some hammocks in Rocky Mountain National Park. The largest mountain range in North America stretching from New Mexico into Canada, the Rockies are a breathtaking site.  We realized that any one can be a good photographer with scenery like this.    Why you should go visit Colorado: 1. Weather Whether the sun was out shining or hiding behind some clouds, whether it was raining or windy, the weather was always good enough to be outside. Its never too hot or too cold, never raining too hard or too windy. You...

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Daily Destination: Why you should visit Patagonia, Chile | The WholeStory Blog

Daily Destination Travel

At WholeStory, we think everyone should see as much as the world as they can. Gain a different perspective on how people live and get out of the suburban or American bubble we sometimes find ourselves living in. Our Daily Destination posts are here to help your desire to travel emerge. It just takes one trip...good luck stopping after that! Today's destination is Patagonia, Chile. Patagonia makes up the southern third of Chile. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Patagonia is home to the Andes Mountains, massive glaciers and emerald lakes. Whether you're an outdoor adventurer or not, Patagonia's landscape is mind boggling...

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